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International Real Estate World Summit by Mind Map: International Real Estate World Summit
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International Real Estate World Summit

Zola Zserences - Introduction to International Real Estate

Increase your brain power by starting to laugh


We will survive the economic crisis

Florida Housing Stats

International Real Estate market

Scott Beaulier - Investment Challenges and Risks in Global Economy

Troy University Center (Alabama)


Current Global Economic Conditions

US Predictions

Botom Line for Global Investors

Karen Caco - Immigration Law and Visas

Disclaimer - not giving legal advice

Why have working knowledge of immigration?

Create a network of of professionals

Visa types

There is no retiree visa

Non Immigrant visa options

H1 Visa

E 2 Visa

L1 Visa

O Visa = outstanding persons

TN Visa = Only Canadian & Mexian citizens under NAFTA

Immigration Visas = IVs (Green cards)

EB5 Green Card (2 types)

What if foreign national has business broad that will keep operating?

Tarek Kirschen - Going Global with Glozal



Google's privacy policy

Shi Gouzhen - The Chinese Investor is on the Move



Investment market

China policies on Foreign Investment in real estate

Requirements for foreign fund gaining access to chinese market

Opportunities and expectations

Reasons why US market is attractive to Chinese

Beijing Contemporary Group is looking for opportunities

How to attract Chinese investors

Bill Clover - International Business 101

Financing tools

Why get involved?

One world concept

reasons to buy outside the US

How to get started


Panorama World Marketing