Validity & Reliability

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Validity & Reliability by Mind Map: Validity & Reliability

1. Internal Consistency: items within the test can be correlated with each other (Kubiszyn, 2010. pg. 343)

2. Is the test valid for the intended purpose?

3. Construct Validity Evidence

4. Predictive validity evidence: how well does the test predict some future behavior of the students. (Kubiszyn, 2010. pg. 331)

5. Concurrent criterion-related validity evidence: Measures can be administered at the same time as the measure to be validated. (Kubiszyn, 2010, pg 330)

6. Criterion-Related Validity Evidence: Scores from a a test are correlated with an external criterion. (Kubiszyn, 2010, pg 330)

7. Content Validity Evidence: "Does the test measure the instructional objectives?"

8. Decide if there is sufficient validity evidence

9. Reliability

9.1. Test-Retest or Stability: Test is given twice and correlation is determined between the set of scores (Kubiszyn, 2010. pg 341)

9.2. Alternate Forms of Equivalence: Two forms of the test are administered and correlation of scores determined (Kubiszyn, 2010. pg 343)

10. Works Cited

10.1. Kubiszyn, T, & Borich G. (2010). Educational Testing & Measurement: Classroom application and practice (9th ed). Hoboken, NJ.: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

11. Does the test measure what it is supposed to measure?

12. Does the test do the job it was designed to do?