My Experience in Ed. Tech. Fall 2012

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My Experience in Ed. Tech. Fall 2012 by Mind Map: My Experience in Ed. Tech. Fall 2012

1. Journaling

1.1. Good to think about the week, what was learned, how it all applies to teaching.

2. Group Work

2.1. Learned a lot from classmates

2.2. Difficult!

2.3. Helpful!

3. Cloud Computing

3.1. Interesting!

3.2. Used by my daughter's 5th grade teacher - Inspiring!

3.3. Helps people save their work and increases access for students and teachers

4. New Concerns

4.1. Safety Concerns for Students

4.1.1. Bullying

4.1.2. Online Predators

4.2. Using Diigo! Or, rather... Not using Diigo

4.3. Concerns about the Digital Divide

5. New and Useful Ideas for Teachers

5.1. Importance of Technology in the Classroom

5.2. Concept Maps/Mindmeister

5.3. How to Use Smart Phones in the classroom

5.4. Successful classes that use smart phones

6. New Browser!

6.1. Made the Switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox

6.2. Firefox