Formal Elements

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Formal Elements by Mind Map: Formal Elements

1. Line

1.1. The use of line in work like pictures of shoes, faces, buildings and more.

2. Tone

2.1. Adding shading and tone to different pieces of work in my art folder.

3. Colour

3.1. The use of a different use of mediums to create colour to my "shells still life" work. As well as incorperating mediums and items to draw and colour with many uses with mixing them.

4. Print Making

4.1. Lino cutting of my still life

4.2. Use of rollers to create my "still life" with paint.

4.3. Using potatoes and cutting a shape or shell design into the potato to use to print onto paper.

5. Shape

5.1. Getting different shapes out of my "still life" with the use of paint, chalk, and photocopying.

6. Texture

6.1. Create rubbings of my "still life" cut out the shells and adding different mix of mediums.

7. Form

7.1. Different uses of medium like: pencil, biro, acrylic, oil pastels, chalk, charcoal.