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Copyright by Mind Map: Copyright

1. Process

1.1. Step 1. Finish the planing. The definition, have them state the sources. Put the Creative Commons licence on Mackenzie's tumblr, the writing blog, and leave Mackenzie to answer the question about it.

1.2. Step 2. Draw the chibi, scan him at home, and edit/ colour him in photoshop at school. Not much colouring needed, just make sure he looks presentable and not have any of the telltale sights that he has been scanned and drawn on paper. Maybe outline him and give some shade, don't actually give him any colour, even the soft ones.

1.3. Step 3. Research copyright and take some notes for later reference.

1.4. Step 4. Use the research that was previously done and shape and form the notes int something that a representative of copyright might say. The representative would be the chibi in its business suit.

1.5. Step 5. Type up the quotes if not previously done, preferably in photoshop and make a GIF of the chibi saying them. The quotes should be medium length, not too long so that they don't drag on, not too short either. Use a pretty, but readable font, but seeing as copyright doesn't have font, pick your own. Make it a good, readable size. Make it black, not too make the size too big so that you can make it into an actual GIF in a good resolution and quality.

1.6. Step 6. Hand it in?

1.7. Step 7. Ignore step 6.

1.8. Step 8. Write a script based on the events of copyright. Make sure to make it personalized so that it seems as if he's telling it from his perspective.

1.9. Step 9. Make a nice backdrop. NO FLOWERS. Use the copyright symbol, maybe. Purple, lower opacity to make it in the background. Put a grey copyright symbol in some corner. Make sure it doesn't interfere with anything (text or otherwise) on the page and is always visible.

1.10. Step 10. Go back to writing script.

1.11. Step 11. Put the GIF together, if you would please.

1.12. Step 12. Do you remember that step I told you to ignore? Go back to it.

2. Image: boy

2.1. Spiky hair

2.2. Big eyes

2.3. CHIBI!!!!

2.4. Give him a suit and a tie! He is going to look so cute with his spiky hair, all crazy, and a business suit, all formal, just like copyright is, all crazy and not always upheld but they (creators) are trying their best, he is going to be so cute.

2.5. REFLECTION He looks pissed. Why does he look so pissed? That doesnt tie into anything! Why would copyright be pissed? Well... maybe it's pissed because everyone is disregarding it? WHY????????

3. Colors

3.1. Black and white

3.1.1. Scratch that. toned down colors, maybe lower opacity for some. black (grey?) suit toned down hair purple? pink? blond? blue?

3.2. Add some really soft colours. Pink and blue and purple. HTML: ffdddd or ddefef.

3.3. Maybe grayscale

4. Ideas

4.1. Poster

4.1.1. Didn't work: the colours wouldn't go together. New idea. GIF

4.2. GIF

4.3. Creative Commons

4.3.1. girl

4.3.2. color codes: green, like the page on creative commons

4.4. Write a personal story line for copyright and copyright it, (hehe)