Reading Interventions

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Reading Interventions by Mind Map: Reading Interventions

1. Challenges

1.1. Time

1.1.1. Tests Progress Monitoring

1.1.2. MAP

1.2. Program

1.2.1. Scripted

1.2.2. Need professional development

1.3. Intervention

1.3.1. Supplemental

1.4. Expectations

1.4.1. Too much growth in one year

1.4.2. Students' behavioral expectations

2. Successes!

2.1. Higher-order thinking

2.1.1. Questioning

2.2. Program

2.2.1. Software Lots of topics

2.2.2. Books Lots of exposure

2.3. Expectations

2.3.1. High

2.3.2. Improved Test Scores

2.4. Time

2.4.1. In-depth

3. Problem/Solutions!!!

3.1. Too much testing without experiencing the benefits

3.1.1. Utilize program to find goal setting activities to embed motivational elements for students

3.2. Scripted program not providing deemed enrichment

3.2.1. Have PD on possible differentiation within the program and if not, develop own supplemental curriculum

3.3. Expectations for academic and behavioral growth within programs

3.3.1. Develop routines for curriculum throughout the year for CHAMPS! and academic celebrations