Theoretical Perspectives

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Theoretical Perspectives by Mind Map: Theoretical Perspectives

1. Pargamic


3. Enviornment

4. Learned Behavior

5. Unconscious mind

6. Synatex

7. Skinner as had some shared beliefs


9. A major theorist is Jerome Bruner and Lev Vygotsky.


11. Learning happens in stages

12. The foremost cognitive thinker was Jean Piaget.

13. Born into it


15. Nature vs. Nurture

16. Genetics

17. Interactionist theory is less tangible than say, role theory, because it involves internal mental models as opposed to external social models. Meaning-making occurs when the individual associates objects and actions with meaning for themselves.

18. Cognitive theory is concerned with the development of a person's thought processes. It also looks at how these thought processes influence how we understand and interact with the world.

19. Two men most associated with the Behaviorist theory are B. F. Skinner and Dr. Watson

20. Chomsky has done many reseach on this and has the greatest influence on this theory.

21. Behaviorist in particular believes that cultural and sub-cultural conditioning molds and shapes behavior and subsequently the personality. The unconscious is of little concern to the behaviorist.

22. Nativist theory is where it is believed that we have an inborn ability to learn and learning is in our genetics. Therefore who we are today is because we're born like that because of our biologiocal history