Least Restrictive Environment

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Least Restrictive Environment by Mind Map: Least Restrictive Environment

1. Determining LRE

1.1. Must be determined on a case-by case basis

1.2. IEP teams determine LRE, not an individual

1.3. Regulations provide prescriptive legal requirements

2. Definition

2.1. Federal Definition-"To the maximum extent appropriate, children with disabilities are educated with children who are not disabled.

2.2. All students should be educated in a regular classroom to the extent possible-this may include having a special education teaching in the general education classroom with the student.

3. Connections

3.1. http://idea.ed.gov/explore/view/p/,root,statute,I,B,612,a,5,

3.2. Link from the Department of Education

4. Terminology

4.1. Prereferral Teams

4.2. Peer Collaboration

4.3. Collaborative Consultants

4.4. Cooperative Teaching

4.5. Cooperative Learning

4.6. Peer Tutoring

4.7. Partial Participation

4.8. Curriculum Materials

5. Zero Reject

5.1. "No child between the age of 3 and 21 may be excluded from public education"