Dyllan Howes

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Dyllan Howes by Mind Map: Dyllan Howes

1. Strengths

1.1. Quick Learner

1.1.1. I have always grasped new concepts fairly quickly, whether its math, science, or game controls

1.2. Logical

1.2.1. I am not too imaginative but i think of everything and solve problems in the most logical way

1.3. Dependable

1.3.1. I have been told i am dependable and do not abandon a task or friend

1.4. Curious

1.4.1. I always ask questions, not for school assignments but for every day things like what my friends say and do

1.5. Patient

1.5.1. I can wait for anything for a very long time, i have been told i am patient and do not complain if i am waiting for a while

2. Interests

2.1. Astronomy

2.1.1. I do great in that portion of science, but can not use it very often.

2.2. Psychology

2.2.1. I love talking about peoples decisions and other topics, i do it a lot

2.3. Reading

2.3.1. I have great difficulty reading but enjoy it if it is a good piece of writing, but can not do this often

2.4. Questioning

2.4.1. As mentioned above, i like questioning everything to learn more about a person or thing all the time

2.5. Critisizing

2.5.1. I like getting my point across on a subject, i do this a lot and try to have debates

3. Top strengths for a career in Psychology

3.1. Curious

3.2. Logical

4. Top Interests for a career in Psychology

4.1. Psychology

4.2. Questioning

5. Top Acheivements

5.1. Graduating a year early

5.2. English award

6. Proud of

6.1. Being able to graduate a year early with great effort

6.2. Getting an award in English in a school of 600