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Cyberbullying by Mind Map: Cyberbullying

1. Family of the Bully

1.1. Angry that they do such a thing

1.2. Shocked

1.3. Disappointed

1.4. Wondering why they did it?

2. School

2.1. Classmates

2.1.1. Towards the bully Afraid Cause they might get builled Angry Dissapointed Shocked that they do such a thing Some may think they did the right thing Pleased

2.1.2. Towards the victim Not sure how to act around them Sorry May think that they deserved it Distant because they don't want to get involved

2.2. The Community

2.2.1. Devastated For victim

2.2.2. Parents Horrified that kids would do such a thing The bullies parents would be ashamed of their Child's behavior

2.2.3. The Principal Unsure how to deal with it Has to punish the bully Detention Suspension Expelled Gives the vitim support and offerss: Advice Councillor names etc. Has to restore order in the school

2.3. Shocked and disappointed in the bullies

2.4. Do everything they can to help the victim

3. Family Of The Victim

3.1. Mother and Father/ Gaurdians

3.1.1. Distressed child

3.1.2. Loss of Child

3.1.3. Worried about their child

3.2. Siblings

3.2.1. Don't fully understand

3.2.2. Worried about their Sibling

3.2.3. Wanting to stand up for them

3.3. Relatives

3.3.1. Worried for their niece/newphew

3.3.2. Unsure of what to do

3.3.3. Would want to stop it

4. Victim

4.1. Stressed

4.2. Feels alone

4.3. Feels like everybody is whispering behind their back about them

4.4. Depression and Anxiety

4.4.1. Can lead to Sucide Self Harm etc, because they feel there is no other way to escape the cyberbullying

4.5. Feels like they can't tell anybody

4.6. Poor Concentration due to being cyberbullied

4.7. Threatened

4.8. Invasion of their privacy

5. The bully

5.1. Before

5.1.1. Wants a reaction

5.1.2. Satisfied

5.1.3. Unaware of Consequences

5.1.4. Revenege On a friend On classmates

5.1.5. Wants people to think their strong

5.1.6. Hiding something

5.1.7. Pressured

5.1.8. Suffering different issues Divorced parents Low Self Confidence Wants to be in the popular group

5.2. After

5.2.1. Sorry

5.2.2. Realizes what they've done

5.2.3. May get Depression

5.2.4. In rare case May be deemed mentally disturbed Commit suicide themselves if the victim died

5.3. Attacks people via

5.3.1. Facebook

5.3.2. Myspace

5.3.3. Social Networking

5.3.4. Online chat rooms

5.4. Does things like:

5.4.1. Inappropriate messages

5.4.2. Threatens the victim

5.4.3. Harasses the victim

5.4.4. Invades the victims privacy/Stalks them. Photos Whereabouts Phone numbers What they do

5.4.5. Lies

6. Friends

6.1. Worried for their friend

6.2. Sorry for their friend

6.3. At a loss if they friend commits suicide of dies

6.3.1. Don't know what to do

6.3.2. Can lead to Depression Anxiety In worst cases suicide

6.4. Angry if their friend is the bully

6.4.1. Upset about it

6.4.2. Wondering why they did it

7. Professionals (e.g: Doctors, etc)

7.1. Distressed by numbers

7.1.1. Over 10% of young people have been cyberbullied

7.2. Say that young people don't believe they can tell anyone

7.3. They can help them through it

7.4. They give helpful advice

8. Harms The Wellbeing of Everybody

8.1. Emotionally

8.1.1. Upset

8.1.2. Infuriated

8.1.3. Unsure

8.1.4. Depressed

8.1.5. Nervous

8.2. Mentally

8.2.1. Confused

8.2.2. Anexiety

8.3. Physical

8.3.1. Self Harm

8.3.2. Sucide

8.3.3. Not wanting to eat