Emotional Map- Kitty Barnes

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Emotional Map- Kitty Barnes by Mind Map: Emotional Map- Kitty Barnes

1. Happy

1.1. Kitty mentions 'when your ship comes in' to Mrs Barnes

2. Annoyed

2.1. Fred and Artie use the skipping rope

2.1.1. Maise uses it

3. Afraid

3.1. Kitty finds blood on the privy

4. Shocked

4.1. there is a bounty of 6d a head for rats

5. Excited

5.1. Kitty wins the writing competition.

5.2. It's Empire day and mafeking day combined fireworks

5.3. Mafeking was saved

5.4. Kitty doesn't need to leave Ragged School

6. Bored

6.1. Kitty stayed awake at night listening to rats

7. Worried

7.1. Bertie has typhoid

7.2. Kitty worries about Mr Ah Han

7.3. Bertie didn't reply for a long time

8. Angry

8.1. Reggie blurrs Kitty's photo

9. Sad

9.1. Kitty moped around trying not to think about going to service

10. Thank You