EDU648 Inputs/OutpUts

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EDU648 Inputs/OutpUts by Mind Map: EDU648 Inputs/OutpUts


1.1. Printer

1.1.1. Learning Outcomes Teachers can print tests, charts and other information for entire class Students can print papers for teachers to review and make suggestions for student to review

1.1.2. Challenges Do not have a long life, easily broken Cartridges can be expensive

1.1.3. Benefits Provide colorful graphs, reports, pictures Allow everyone in a group to see the same data


2.1. Microphone

2.1.1. Benefits Voice recordings for tutorials Inexpensive Allows control of software with voice

2.1.2. Challenges Create audio files which take up large file space Background noise can interfere with quality

2.1.3. Learnng Outcomes Record audio to be added with multimedia Teachers provide instructions

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