School Dress Policies

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School Dress Policies by Mind Map: School Dress Policies

1. Sschool Dress Code

1.1. To guide the audience to disagree

1.2. To guide the audience to agree

2. Factual information from EBSCO, NCLive, NCWiseOwl or any other online database.

3. Common Core Standared Delineate a speaker's arguementand specific claims, distinguishing claims that are supported by reasons and evidence from claims are supported by reasons and evidence from claims that are not.

4. Assessments

4.1. Research Evaluation

4.1.1. step by step evaluation of research

4.1.2. evaluation of preview of research activity - preassessment of skills

4.2. Pre- Assessment of writing skills as an in class assessment

4.3. Learning style assessment -first day of class

4.4. Online assessment of computer skills

5. Stakeholders

5.1. School Board

5.2. Home School Association

5.3. School Administration

5.4. Students

5.5. Faculty and Staff

6. Notes

7. Objective: Respond to public documents such as editorials and school or community policies establish a position analyzing the characteristics of arguementative workd. (NC3.01)

8. Schedule

8.1. Quarter 3

8.1.1. Research Sources - week two

8.1.2. Notes - week four

8.1.3. Group discussion notes- brainstorming ideas - week five

8.1.4. Graphic organizer developed per student and individual speaches created

9. Policy standards

9.1. Social / Moral

9.1.1. Clothing

9.1.2. Self image

9.1.3. School image

9.1.4. School year

9.2. Legal Rights

9.2.1. Student

10. Dress Code Policies of simular school environment chosen by groups discussion and brainstroming ideas

10.1. Research Sources

10.1.1. Online Databases

10.1.2. Reference Materials

10.2. Research Notes

10.2.1. Factual Information

10.2.2. Outline of information

10.3. Graphic presentaion with oral presentation

10.3.1. Pixton for Schools

10.3.2. Inspiration

10.3.3. Power Point