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Marketing by Mind Map: Marketing

1. Keys to successful marketing

1.1. Have a passionate curiosity for the customer

1.2. Get a deep understanding of their needs and their behaviours.

1.3. Analyse all the business data and market research constantly.

1.4. Have an instinctive understanding of how your company makes money.

1.5. Have a strong business sense.

2. Promotion

2.1. Informing customers about products and persuading them to buy them.

3. Market

3.1. research

3.1.1. Information about what customers wnat and need.

3.2. sugment

3.2.1. A group of customers of similar age, income level and social group.

3.3. share

3.3.1. The percentage of sales a company has.

4. Place

4.1. The cost to the buyer of goods or services.

5. Advertising

5.1. campaign

5.1.1. A programme of advertising activities over a period, with particular aims.

5.2. budget

5.2.1. An amount of money available for advertising during a particular period.

5.3. agency

5.3.1. A business which advises companies on advertising and makes ads.

6. Consumer

6.1. behaviour

6.1.1. Where and how people buy things.

6.2. profile

6.2.1. Description of a typical customer.

6.3. goods

6.3.1. Things people buy for their own use.

7. Product

7.1. Goods or services that are sold.

7.1.1. launch Introduction of a product to the market.

7.1.2. range Set of products made by a company.

7.1.3. lifecycle Lenght of time people countinue to buy a product.

8. Sales

8.1. forecast

8.1.1. How much a company thinks it will sell a period.

8.2. figures

8.2.1. Numbers showing how much a comapny has sold in a period.

8.3. target

8.3.1. How much a company wants to sell in a period.

9. Price

9.1. Where goods or services are available.