Managing people

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Managing people by Mind Map: Managing people

1. To be a good manager you need

1.1. like people

1.2. enjoy working with others

1.3. give orders

1.4. listen to others

1.5. make suggestions

1.6. judge people

1.7. plan ahead

1.8. be good with numbers

1.9. make good presentations

1.10. be persuasive

2. The changes in the way people behave at work

2.1. reflecting

2.2. under pressure

2.3. stand back and reflect

2.4. people live too slowly

3. Skills and personal qualities

3.1. respond

3.2. listen

3.3. deal

3.4. belive

3.5. delegate

3.6. communicate

3.7. invest

4. Verbs

4.1. report to someone

4.2. report on someone/something

4.3. apologise for something

4.4. apologise to someone

4.5. talk to someone

4.6. talk about someone/something

4.7. agree with someone

4.8. agree on something

4.9. argue about something

4.10. argue with someone

5. Cultural differences are entirely superficial

6. Individual differences- more important than cultural differences

7. Another culture- people are the same

8. People are unique and different individuals

9. Young managers

9.1. biggest challenge- basic lack of experience

9.2. have recognise theid own weaknesses

9.3. need a good mentor

9.4. act your age

9.5. avoid favouritism and cliques

9.6. build coalitions right away

9.7. keep a cool head

9.8. show respect to older colleagues

9.9. find a right balance

9.10. under promise and overdeliver

10. Socialising and entertaining

10.1. being on time

10.2. the way people dress

10.3. how you address people

10.4. giving gifts

10.5. shaking hands/kissing/hugging/bowing

11. Useful language

11.1. Making excuses

11.1.1. It's very kind of you, but...

11.1.2. I'd like to take it easy/relax if you don't mind

11.1.3. It's very kind of you, but another time peraps

11.2. Makeng conversation

11.2.1. What do you like to do in your spare time?

11.2.2. Where are you going for your holiday this year?

11.2.3. Can you tell me about any interesting places to visit?

11.2.4. What/How about you?

11.3. Showing interest

11.3.1. Interesting!

11.3.2. Really?

11.4. Saying goodbye/Thanking for host

11.4.1. Thanks very much for your hospitality.

11.4.2. I really enjoyed the meat.

11.4.3. Thanks for showing me round the city/town.

11.4.4. I'll be in touch soon.

11.4.5. Goodbye. All the best.

12. Reported speech

12.1. use say, tell and ask to seport speech

12.2. use tell with and object

12.2.1. She told her boss that the new job was challenging.

12.3. use ask to report questions

12.3.1. Her boss asked when she wanted to start.

12.4. following changes in reported speech

12.4.1. the verb goes back one sense

12.4.2. nouns and pronouns may change