Social Networking

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Social Networking by Mind Map: Social Networking

1. Why is it important?

1.1. Allows worldwide connections to occur without limitations from physical location occurring

2. Occurs when a person uses already existing contacts to meet new people as potential social or business links

3. What you give:

3.1. Your own personal knowledge

3.2. Time

3.3. Evolution of ideas

3.3.1. Examples: -LiveJournal -Xanga -Picture Sharing -Myspace

4. What you get:

4.1. New collaborated information

5. How is it beneficial?

5.1. Powerful business marketing platform

5.1.1. Allows businesses the potential to gain contacts, clients, and increased public awareness

5.2. Answer questions and solve problems

5.3. Collaboration

6. Twitter

6.1. What is it for?

6.1.1. Collegiate Education Twitter is used to promote student interactions and communication. Research has found that using Twitter in college courses helps students communicate with each other and faculty, promotes informal learning, allows shy students a forum for increased participation, increases student engagement, and improves overall course grades. (Junco and Heiberger)

6.1.2. San Antonio-based market-research firm Pear Analytics analyzed 2,000 tweets (originating from the US and in English) over a two-week period in August 2009 from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CST) and separated them into six categories: Pointless babble – 40%, Conversational – 38%, Pass-along value – 9%, Self-promotion – 6%, Spam – 4%, News – 4%

6.2. How is it used?

6.2.1. Participation Type Active Participation Tweet Catch up on the latest trends and new topics Share photos Share music Direct Messaging Retweeting Passive Participation Social listening

6.2.2. Free Twitter apps for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android

7. Examples

7.1. Twitter

7.2. Facebook

7.2.1. "The World Is Obsessed With Facebook" video

7.2.2. Largest social network in the world Join groups Try fun and convenient applications Play games Make connections Share photos with family and friends Chat instantly with available friends Connect with loved ones from around the world Reconnect with old friends and classmates Privately direct message with friends Share interests Invite friends to an event Promote yourself or your business using Facebook pages

7.3. Myspace

7.3.1. Network with other users Meet new friends Connect with current friends

7.3.2. Use multimedia Free music and videos to use on profile Myspace editor is HTML and Java capable

7.3.3. Advanced editing for Myspace profile

7.3.4. Keep in touch with Myspace friends Email Blog Bulletins Instant message Forums Groups Forums

7.3.5. Minimal, poor privacy setting options MySpace offers no way to allow people to see your profile but still keep them from emailing your and trying to add you to their own MySpace friend list.