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Diversity by Mind Map: Diversity

1. Classification

1.1. Physical Properties

1.1.1. Electrical Conductivity Measure of how easily an electric current flows through it Electrical Conductivity Electrical Insulator

1.1.2. Thermal Conductivity The measure of how easily thermal energy flow through it Good Conductor of Thermal Energy Poor Conductor of Thermal Energy

1.1.3. Strength Ability to support a heavy load without changing its shape permanently High Strength Low Strength

1.1.4. Hardness Ability to have resistance to wear and treat, and scratches

1.1.5. Flexibility Ability to bend without breaking, return to its initial shape and size after bending Different materials have different degrees of flexibility Material with a Low degree of flexibility will snap easily

1.1.6. Density Mass per Unit Volume Sinks Floats objects that have the have the same density Density = mass divided by volume SI unit is kg/m3 (kilogram per cubic metre)

1.1.7. Melting & Boiling point Melting Point Temperature at which it changes from the solid state to the liquid state Boiling Point Temperature at which it changes from the liquid state to gaseous state

2. The great variety of living and non-living things in the world

3. Measuring Objects

3.1. Volume

3.1.1. SI Unit (International System of Units)

3.1.2. Prefixes Different Types of Prefixes Adding Prefix in Unit Divide power of prefix to reading Removing Prefix from Unit Multiply power of prefix to reading

3.1.3. measured using… Apparatus beaker measuring cylinder syringe volumetric flask pipette burette Digital calipers Method Irregular Objects Regular Objects

3.1.4. the amount of space an object occupies

3.2. What is Mass?

3.2.1. amount of substance in an object

3.2.2. it is constant at any location of different gravitational field strength

3.2.3. SI unit is kg

3.2.4. measured using a beam balance

3.2.5. can used in tenth (0.0)

3.3. Weight

3.3.1. the force of gravity acting on the body of the object

3.3.2. changes from place to place of different gravitational field strength

3.3.3. SI unit is N (newton)

3.3.4. measured using a scale or spring balancev

3.3.5. can be used till 0