Systems In Action!

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Systems In Action! by Mind Map: Systems In Action!

1. All systems include an input and an output

1.1. Input

1.1.1. The force, energy, or raw materials that you put into a system.

1.1.2. Food going into the human digest system

1.2. Output

1.2.1. The task that the system is designed to do.

1.2.2. Digestive system taking in nutrition for energy and takes out the waste. (no picture needed)

1.3. Side Effect

1.3.1. The unintended or undesired outputs of a system

2. Systems are designed to optimize human and natural resources.

2.1. Efficiency

2.1.1. To accomplish a task with using least amount of energy and time .

2.1.2. A computer keyboard rather then a pencil and paper.

3. Systems are designed to accomplish a task.

3.1. Systems

3.1.1. Components The leg of a chair A part of a system.

3.1.2. Social Systems Twitter A group of organisms joined together to complete a task and/or establish relationships. Facebook

3.1.3. Mechanism A part of a system that changes one type of force/energy/motion into another force/energy/motion.

3.1.4. Physical Systems Plane Bicycle A group of physical parts working together to preform a function

3.1.5. System Thinking Taking into consideration the inputs, outputs, and side effects of systems. Thinking about a system

3.1.6. Function The task or service that a system performs. Running clock

3.1.7. Subsystem A smaller system that is within (part of) a larger one. Subsystems of human system