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Web 2.0 Tools by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools
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Web 2.0 Tools

Mindmeister (Mind Mapping)

Collaborative Editing

Mindmeister allows for multiple editors to be editing the document synchronously similar in fashion to Google Docs.


In addition to allowing collaborative editors, you can make your maps viewable to just certain people or to the public.


Types, Basic (Free), Pro, Group, Educational Discounted

Login Methods, Mindmeister, Facebook, Google

Presentation Mode

Mindmeister has a slideshow mode t that turns the mind map into a presentation. For each "slide" of the presentation, designated nodes are zoomed in on. Movement to the next node is controlled by the presentor.


As a file, Image, Microsoft Office Formats, Other Mind Mapping Software

Storage Medium, Google Drive, Local Storage

For Teaching

Distance Learning

Free Mindmapping Software Option

Start a project at school, finish at home

Share map with teacher, nothing to turn in.

Nodes Can...

Can Have Rich Text Notes

Be given priorities for organizations

Include Hyper LInks

Include Images

Serve as checklist items

SoundCloud (Audio Sharing)

I've linked to my own personal channel.


Free, Upload 120minutes of audio, Private or Public Sharing

Premium, Multiple Levels based on price with an increasing amount of features


Single Links to tracks

Create Playlists

Embeddable HTML Player


Groups, Public, Private

Follow other users


For Teaching

Classroom Podcast

Language Lessons

Audio Stories

Music Class Assignments

Audio Journals

Audio Presentations, Commented on by classmates

Record audio to be embedded into Moodle or class website

Jason Engling EDMT 632 Fall 2012