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Compuglobalhypermeganet by Mind Map: Compuglobalhypermeganet

1. Project Information

1.1. Marketing Firm for a Pharmaceutical Company

1.2. Marson BioMedical

1.3. Extent

1.3.1. developing social media

1.3.2. Expand into a particular market

1.3.3. strategic plan that includes global initiatives

1.3.4. workforce training on cross cultural issues

2. Schedule

2.1. Start Date November 1st

2.1.1. Email to client November 18th

2.1.2. Presentation and Handout November 26th

2.1.3. Oral presentation to Client December 7th and 10

2.1.4. Recommendation Report December 14th

2.1.5. Project Reflection December 14th

3. Actions

3.1. Marketing Marson Biomedical Company

3.1.1. Anti-Depressant Drug

3.1.2. Social Media

3.1.3. Press Release

3.1.4. TV and Magazine Ads