My New Mind Map

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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. Teams

1.1. Tech team

1.1.1. Gear Computer Network Laser pistol

1.1.2. Mission Support Monitor team location on grid Control CTF Network based wargame KOTH Defend position for time

1.2. Tactical team

1.2.1. Gear Life meter Rechargable via pickups Visible Hit monitor Visible Physical indication Laser rifles Upgradable via chests Limited ammo? Radio Tech and tactical Hackable

1.2.2. Mission DM Last man/team standing CTF Obtain physical flag, return

2. Facility

2.1. Reconfigurable walls

2.1.1. Grid layout

2.1.2. Walls slide and lock into place

2.2. Room #1

2.2.1. Entry detection Motion sensor Laser

2.2.2. Lighting Dim Strobe

2.2.3. Fog/smoke From above Vent/fan-able

2.2.4. Doors on 4 sides Locked Unlocked Broken (locked)

2.3. Room #2