Natasha's Portfolio

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Natasha's Portfolio by Mind Map: Natasha's Portfolio

1. Home page

1.1. Top: Navigation

1.2. Center: Content

1.2.1. Description of portfolio

1.3. Bottom: Copyright & Date

2. About me

2.1. Top: Navigation

2.2. Center: Content

2.2.1. Bio: Personal history (Born, raised, movements)Education, Work History,& Accomplishments

2.3. Bottom: Copyright & Date

3. Projects

3.1. Top: Navigation

3.2. Center: Content

3.2.1. Images, descriiptions, & links to major projects I have completed at work and personally that display my skills

3.3. Bottom: Copyright & Date

4. Blog

4.1. Top: Navigation

4.2. Center: Content

4.2.1. This is a continuous blog about myself, my life, my work, and my thoughts. This will be a conversational blog that displays images of my day-to-day life.

4.3. Bottom: Copyright & Date

5. Hobbies

5.1. Top: Navigation

5.2. Center: Content

5.2.1. Display images and descriptions of my hobbies. Include Knitting, Kayaking/Canoeing, Baking, Bargain Shopping, and household projects

5.3. Bottom: Copyright & Date

6. Social Media

6.1. Top: Navigation

6.2. Center: Content

6.2.1. This will display images, links, and descriptions about each of my social media sites

6.3. Bottom: Copyright & Date

7. Education

7.1. Top: Navigation

7.2. Center: Content

7.2.1. Display Images, Description, and links of my education. Will also include important, relevant classes, and projects.

7.3. Bottom: Copyright & Date

8. Professional Development

8.1. Top: Navigation

8.2. Conter: Content

8.2.1. Will Display all professional development; Conferences attended, presentations, publications, professional associations, professional involvement/committees, act....

8.3. Bottom: Copyright & Date