Social Media via Elyse's Opinions

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Social Media via Elyse's Opinions by Mind Map: Social Media via Elyse's Opinions

1. Facebook

1.1. Most popular

1.2. virtual profiles

1.3. platform for people to stay in touch

1.4. can be private which is nice

1.5. most users worldwide

1.6. generally very simple to maneuver

1.7. Has upwards of 900 million users

2. Pinterest

2.1. Mostly just to waste time when bored

2.2. mostly designed for women

2.3. series of pictures and links that are interesting

2.4. great ideas for cooking, planning events, DIY's, fashion, etc

2.5. Elyses

3. Twitter

3.1. most current of all, updated constantly

3.2. less private than facebook

3.3. hashtagging to link common topics

3.4. gives ability to connect with anyone really

3.5. following someone doesn't necessarily have to be the same level as on facebook, less formal

3.6. averages over 40 billion tweets a day

3.7. Tweriod

3.7.1. my report

3.8. Twitaholic

4. Blogging

4.1. Someone's take on a certain topic or about their life

4.1.1. fashion

4.1.2. sports

4.1.3. humor

4.1.4. traveling

4.1.5. art/photography, etc.

4.2. can be similar to online diary

4.3. Tumblr

4.3.1. personal blogs

4.3.2. easy to create and manage

4.3.3. can make friends similar to fb, myspace

4.3.4. Video I helped make

4.3.5. very artistic

4.4. wordpress

4.4.1. what I use

4.4.2. blogging tool, can upgrade for more diversity

4.5. what we should call me

5. Instagram

5.1. similar to twitter but only photos

5.2. makes people think they are hipsters

5.3. still fun

5.4. Gives the allusion that users have more photography abilities than they actually possess

5.5. popular with iphone users

6. Outdated Networking Sites

6.1. Myspace

6.1.1. too complicated versus the easy facebook formats

6.1.2. everyone started to not use their own names, confusing

6.1.3. not easy to navigate

6.2. Friendster

6.2.1. don't know what it is, don't really care

7. Mindmeister

7.1. I hate it, I think it is much easier to write it on physical paper

7.2. Takes twice as long for something that should be simple

7.3. Very glitchy

7.4. Only worth it, if necessary to send map over internet or share with someone else

8. LinkedIn

8.1. good to get resume where everyone can view

8.2. great for potential employers

8.3. not so personal like facebook but easy to keep in contact with professional contacts

8.4. also good way to get ahold of potential business, apply for jobs

8.5. speed up interactions between employer and applicant, more efficient

9. netvibes

9.1. nice idea to connect all different sites at once

9.2. great if in a hurry to check up on many accounts


10.1. not my favorite

10.2. but if avid reader, good idea

10.3. daily grouping from many sources on one topic

11. google+

11.1. nice idea, I personally don't need it in everyday life but I'm sure its great for some people

11.2. do like the circles idea and how so easy to use and post to others in circle

12. Meetup

12.1. way to meet groups of people in area with common interests

12.2. cooking, running groups, drinking, singles, etc.

12.3. good idea for meeting new people after move or in big city


13.1. online video database

13.2. anyone can upload

13.3. many viral videos lead to new celebrities and memes

13.4. second largest search engine in the world

14. Stumbleupon

14.1. similar to pinterest but wider variety

14.2. links to random websites based on interests, good way to pass time

15. Facts you may not know

15.1. 22% of time spent online in the US involves social networking, which now beats online porn in usage

15.2. Around 1/8 couples married in recent years have connected through social media

15.3. June 2011- was also reported that U.S. Department of Education study revealed that online students out-performed those receiving face-to-face instruction

15.4. Chart

16. Digg

16.1. the most viral news stories and web content at one time

16.2. "digg"ing moves the content up the list, while "burying" moves it down (old news)

17. Slashdot

17.1. technology news, NERDY