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Myself by Mind Map: Myself

1. Background

1.1. Family

1.1.1. Mother cook nurse teacher bodyguard

1.1.2. Sister like drawing like to say: I love you like pets: cat, dog

1.1.3. Brother Teach me sports

1.2. Education

1.2.1. Business English Banking University

1.3. Friends

1.3.1. Most friends from University

1.3.2. Learn much from friends More talkative (joke) Believe in myself More active

2. Interest

2.1. Chat

2.1.1. Whenever & wherever I can

2.2. Eat

2.2.1. Like 2 eat something I can cook by myself

2.3. Hang out with friends

2.3.1. In park

2.3.2. In school relationship is improved relationship is improved

2.3.3. While driving bike

3. Ambitions

3.1. Executive in Customer Service Department

3.1.1. Work in 2 years Learn interpersonal skills Improve knowledge Create more relationship

3.1.2. Study MBA

3.2. Earn much money to support family