This map contains information and lores about Rai Galilei, a streamer from NIJISANJI ID.

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1.1.1. RAI GALILEI He claims that his (code)name was given to him by his boss when he was admitted into the IPD. RAI is his codename, and GALILEI is his current unit. He doesn't remember his real name. He used to be in Athenean unit, and his codename used to be Rai Athenea

1.2. RACE

1.2.1. HUMAN He claims that he is in fact a human (but not a fully human). He also said he is not an augmented human, but an enhanced human. Height : 158 cm Weight : 51 kg

1.3. AGE

1.3.1. AROUND 20 In 2020 he said that he's around 20 (he didn't specify). He claims that he doesn't know his real age, and 20 is the age that his boss told him.


1.4.1. 21 SEPTEMBER XXXX The date he was recruited as an IPD officer. We celebrate this as his "birthday"


1.5.1. G-42-07



2.1.1. SOTA or SA stand for State of the Arts. State of the Arts is basically a bunch of tiny nanotechnology inside a capsule-shaped container that officers carry behind their waist everywhere (A/N like a waist satchel but capsule-shaped and they put it behind their backs I think). The nanotechnology is so tiny you can hardly see it. Rai said it is like dust particles.

2.2. USAGE

2.2.1. Some examples of usage, tying and infusing the nanotechnology to surrounding dirt particles to control the earth, or focusing on fusing hydrogen and oxygen particles to create water, vibrating them to create heat while tying them to flammable objects to create fire. The possibilities of SA usage are limitless, you can even control someone’s mind using it. But it depends on your imagination and knowledge. So basically, if you want to create and control water, then you need to know the science behind water particles. Also, not everyone is compatible with SA, so if you’re not compatible then you won’t be able to control SA at all. Note : Rai is a specialist in lightning, ice, and speed.

2.2.2. SA can also be infused with IPD’s specialized weapons to help them work as intended. Every officer can trigger the mechanics inside their own specialized weapon. So for example, if you have a weapon that has been specialized to shoot electricity bullets, then only you can make the bullets and trigger the mechanism using your SA.


2.3.1. To control these particles, you need to undergo special surgery.

2.3.2. The rule of equivalent exchange applies to SA usage. So you need the materials required to conjure something when using SA, if there’s nothing around you then you can’t do anything with the SA.

2.3.3. The amount and strength of SA you can control varies among different people. The basic strength of an IPD officer is measured by 1:50. A kilogram of SA can lift 50 kilograms of mass.

2.4. RISKS

2.4.1. SA requires a huge amount of energy. The more you use SA, your hair will change colors (In Rai's case, some of his hair becomes blue and pink) until it turns white. The changed hair color can be colored, but it won't last long. After the hair turns completely white, the officer will retire from a trooper position and become a mentor instead.



3.1.1. The officers don't really have a choice once they're recruited lol


3.2.1. There are no "retirement" from IPD. Once you're recruited, you're bound to work there for life.


3.3.1. Rai once mentioned about insubordination in IPD. If an officer betrays the organization, they will be punished. The officer will be "erased" from existent.


4.1. CANON

4.1.1. TIMELINE PRE IPD LIFE He doesn't remember anything about it IPD LIFE

4.1.2. FUN FACTS ABOUT HIS EYES He claims that the eyes of Galilean can change colors depending on the needs. The reason that there's a rainbow in his eyes is because he's been a Galilean for a long time, and his eyes is constantly being used for missions so it's just kinda broke overtime. ABOUT HIS HAIR A part of Rai's hair is blue and pink because he has been using SA for a long time. SOTA STRENGTH He claims that he used to be able to lift 1:77 to 1:78 using SA, but now he's only able to lift up to 1:70 ABOUT PENYA Penya actually comes from a timeline that has been destroyed, and she's one of the survivors. So now Penya is a resident of IPD's Pocket Dimension and is under Rai's care. ABOUT PORRIDGE He loathes rice porridge. He said he had a bad experience with it. He was sick and got hospitalized for 4 months and they gave the poor boy porridge every day. He said it tastes okay, but every time he sees one he got flashbacks. He's okay with other types of porridge though. NIJISANJI ID DIMENSION? He mentioned that NIJISANJI ID dimension is different, but didn't state why ABOUT SHIGOTO-SAN Shigoto-san is his wife. Give it up, inmates.

4.1.3. CONNECTION WITH OTHER LIVERS LAYLA ALSTROEMERIA AND NARA HARAMAUNG Layla had accidentally brought Nara across dimensions. Rai claims that Layla and Nara are supposed to be detained by the IPD for causing distress between dimensions. But because they hadn't done anything terrible, the IPD just put them under their list of watch. ZEA CORNELIA REZA AVANLUNA On Reza's Singularity Point part 2 page 14, someone from IPD was mentioned to be helping Awan and Lily in a battle. It is not clear if the officer mentioned is Rai or not. Quoted from the pdf: “Head of the Intelligence Division, right? You did a great job erasing some of the contents here but it’s clear Awan and Lily didn't go through the whole battle by themselves. Judging from the texts alone, someone is definitely helping them. Is it someone from the council?” “IPD. A close friend of theirs, I think, is an IPD officer. I never met the guy but Awan told me about him once. Still can’t identify him, though.” SISKA LEONTYNE


4.2.1. 2020 Appearance of Alter Rai Alter Rai answered some maro questions on Twitter. Alter Rai acts flirtily to everyone. He mentioned that the current Rai we know is "The old him" and that Rai isn't him. He mentioned that the twitter account is his for as long as he can remember. So he is Rai? He claims that he can turn himself to a child or someone else. He claims that he works alone, and he is his own boss. He also said he is a hero and he is Rai. He claims that his hair turned blue and pink instead of white because of his molecular mutation. He doesn't remember how did he came into existence He said he is a wanted criminal for stealing equipment from IPD and acts of treason. He wanted to save everyone, and he hates(?) IPD for not allowing him to do so Note : IPD only intervenes if there's any Interdimensional violation.

4.2.2. 2021 Appearance of Lord Ahu In 2021's April Fools, Lord Ahu, the incarnation of Eldritch God. The Greatest, THE LORD, appeared and did a stream. The stream was a gimmick for a binary code that was shown in the background. The code eventually led to a Pastebin link with text written inside. Unfortunately, the stream was unarchived and I don't have a backup for it. "Rell, I'm sorry that I lied. I was too afraid to lose you, and so I followed my emotions and do what I have to do. I want us to be like what we used to be. Back before all of this started. My greed has brought you to this infinite hell, so please, rest. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I have failed you. I'm so very sorry. Rell. "

4.2.3. 2022 Appearance of Ellora In 2022's April Fools, Ellora took over his channel and streamed a game titled "Space Adventure" The game involved Ellora as the narrator, and "Buddy", the main character the players role play as. Us, the players/viewers are given choices throughout the game while adventuring to a few places. The stream is archived, please watch it for more context as I won't be explaining the whole story here. =Memory Book= In the game, "Buddy" Found a book called "Memory Book". The book will reveal the memory of anyone that's reading the book. Ellora gave us choices to read or not to read and most viewers chose to read it so Buddy read the book. After reading the book, Buddy's expression changed and the screen turns dark. Buddy was gone and the last thing Ellora typed was =You remember= About Ellora On 7/26/2022 Freetalk Stream, he responded to a Maro asking if he knows the name Ellora. He said Ellora was his boss's computer program (like Siri for iPhones), and he jokingly said that his boss used to joke around that Ellora is his wife like how Rai is with Shigoto-san.



4.3.2. SAYOKO



5.1.1. IPD stands for Interdimensional Police Department.

5.2. DUTY

5.2.1. The IPD protects the dimensions from the threats of interdimensional outlaws. They enforce the law that is written in the interdimensional law chart. This means, they only protect dimensions from interdimensional attacks. If it comes to something like genocidal attacks that is still on an international or even intergalactic scale, then they won’t intervene since it’s not part of their work.


5.3.1. He mentioned this many times actually. The jacket he's wearing is the IPD uniform.

5.4. UNITS

5.4.1. Galilean (Operator) Desk Work : Have a duty to watch over the world, make reports about what they see, and add them to the archive. They are also responsible for guiding other teammates and providing support to those doing the fieldwork. Field Work : Be the eye for the team. Look for routes and tracks. They are usually the most vulnerable part of the team since their work requires a lot of focus.

5.4.2. Athenean (Melee) Desk Work : Border patrol, check everything that enters and exits dimensions. Field Work : Provide the offensive ability for the team. Paired with a Gaean for a significant chance of survival. This unit is often called in for field missions along with Eiria, Artemisia, and Gaean units

5.4.3. Eiria (Medic) Desk Work : Doctors of IPD Field Work : Medic for the team. As vulnerable as the Galilean unit. Usually escorted and stationed in camps.

5.4.4. Artemisia (Range) Desk Work: Border patrol, also stationed on watchtowers to foresee incoming danger and threats. Field Work: Covers for Athenean, and also scouts with Hermesia.

5.4.5. Gaean (Powerhouse) Desk Work: Acts as a bodyguard on every base and camp. Usually, one is seen in every squad. Field Work: This unit is heavily armed with armor and weapons, this costs them their movement speed, therefore they’re usually paired with Atheneans that are more agile.

5.4.6. Hermesia (Scout/Messenger) Desk Work: Acts as a postman between bases. Is the master of codes, and is stationed in the deciphering station in the Interdimensional Police Station. Field Work: Responsible for contacting the base while the squad is at the field. Usually paired with a Galilean. They also scout during operations and are paired with Artemisia for a wider range, and Hasanea for protection.

5.4.7. Hasanea (Assassin) Desk Work: Acts as watchmen on every squad and does reports on which station they were stationed in. This is to ensure that the squad is working properly, and also to train the Hasanean’s eyes and stealth while they aren’t in combat. Field Work: Does stealth missions if the operation is too risky for heavy infantry to handle. Usually deployed when there are hostages present.