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Project Management Process by Mind Map: Project Management Process
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Project Management Process

Project Initiation

1.1 Project Kick Off

Recruit Project Sponsor

Recruit Project Manager

Review Related Projects and Lessons Learned

Prepare Project Initiation Plan

Brief the Initial Project Team

Review Project Kick-off Plans and Presentation Map

Hold Project Kick-off Meeting

1.2 Project Objective & Scope

Establish Project Objective

Establish Project Scope

Map Requirements

Map Solution

Map Training Requirement

Review Project Scope

1.3 Project Schedule and Budget

Determine Project Approach, Stages and Steps

Estimate Project Duration

Establish Resource Requirements

Prepare Project Schedule and Budget

Prepare Work breakdown structure

Document Success Criteria

Review Project Schedule

1.4 Project Organization

Identify Project Resources

Recruit Project Steering Committee

Recruit Project Coordinators

Identify / Recruit Key Stakeholders

Determine Training Requirements

Map the Project Organization Chart

Review Project Organization

1.5 Project Control Procedures

Establish Project Administration Procedures

Establish Quality Control Procedures

Establish Progress Control Procedures

Establish Change Control Procedures

Establish Issue Resolution Procedure

Review Project Control Procedures

1.6 Develop Business Case

Estimate Project Costs

Identify and Quantify Benefits

Determine Break-even Point

Analyze Risk

Review Business Case

1.7 Project Initiation Stage Assessment

Prepare Initiation Stage Assessment

Review Initiation Stage Assessment

Follow-Up Initiation Stage Assessment

Compile Project Initiation Report

Project Control

2.1 Stage Kick-Off

Establish checkpoints

Acquire team resources for stage

Conduct stage kick-off meeting

2.2 Project Steering Committee Meetings

Determine Frequency of Meetings

Schedule Meetings

Brief Project Board

Prepare Meetings

Conduct Meetings

Follow-up Meeting

2.3 Quality Control

Schedule Quality Review Meeting

Prepare for Quality Review Meeting

Conduct Quality Review Meeting

Follow-up Quality Review Meeting

2.4 Progress Control

Update Project Schedule

Update Budget / Costs

Conduct Team Status Review

Create Status Report

2.5 Change Control

Request Changes

Identify Alternative Solutions

Conduct Steering Committee Meeting

Document Change Responses

Implement Change(s)

2.6 Issues Management

Identify Project Issues

Assess Impact of Issues

Assign Resources

Resolve Issue

2.7 Stage Closure Assessment

Determine Next Stage Tasks

Determine Task Dependencies

Estimate Effort

Allocate Resources

Prepare Next Stage Schedule

Prepare Next Stage Budget

Update Project Schedule

Update Project Budget

Review Business Case

Review Project Organization

Review Project Scope

Prepare Stage Assessment

Review Stage Assessment

Follow-Up Stage Assessment

Compile Stage Closure Report

Project Closure

3.1 Final Product Evaluation

Prepare Product Evaluation

Conduct Product Evaluation

Initiate Maintenance Process

3.2 Project Completion

Prepare for Project Closure Meeting

Conduct Project Closure Meeting

Follow Up Project Closure Meeting

3.2 Process Improvement

Prepare Project Review

Conduct Project Review

Implement Process Improvement