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Mind Map Collaboration Tips by Mind Map: Mind Map Collaboration Tips
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Mind Map Collaboration Tips

As a long time mind mapper I was delighted to find the Mindmeister online application. What follows are some observations and tips for using Mindmeister Mind Map application to collaborate  online.


Both the free and Pro version allow you to import MIndManager or Freemind MM.



Export Functions

The Pro version provides the ability to export your MM as  Freemind or MindManager files for use in the software. PND, Text, PDF are also options.






Browser Based

The Internet is gradually becoming the new "operating system". All you need is either Firefox or Internet Explorer  web browser plus an account at

Must Be Online

Right now you have to be online to use Mindmesiter, I was reading in their forum and I think MindMeister has being able to work on your maps offline on their development roadmap.

Cross Platform

Works in all browsers regardless of the operating system.

Free and Pro Version

MindMeister offers a free and a Pro (paid) version.

No Software to Install

If you recently installed your browser you likely already have everything you need to start building Mind Maps.

Visual Collaboration

In my opinion, Mind Maps tend to appeal to visual, big picture or     analytical thinkers.

Meeting Bridge

Using a mind map within a meeting can take the focus off of a contentious issue,   people, and gets everyone focused on the task at hand.

A Visual Outline

Most every business owner I have met are big picture thinkers. They tend to see things first on a visual level. Mind mapping allows visual thinkers to get the ideas and concepts out of their heads and into oaoer or the screen.

Easy Notetaking

When I want to keep track of what people say in a meeting, I simply create a branch with their name. Then all I need to do is add a branch or a note.

Changes Made Easy

Dragging, moving, adding, and deleting is as easy as grabbing an object with your cursor. In collaboration mode you can easily see what changes were made using a handy slider control.

Icons Communicate

Mindmesiter comes with a variety of icons that you can add to help get your point across. I would like to see more icons but there is an advantage to keeping the selection limited to lessen clutter.

Great for Brainstorming

Whenever I get stuck I turn to building a mind map. It allows me to add concepts and capture ideas that I can reorganize later.

Project/Task Management

These icons change when you click on them.

Ordered Lists

Track Progess

Interactive Icons

Traffic Light

Sharing Options

You have three options to share your work live. You can also set up to be notified via email or twitter.

View Mode

Invite others to view your MM without making it public.

Public Mode

Allows you to publish your MM on the Internet and anyone in the world can view it.

Collaboration Mode

Invite others to help you build, edit, and create a MM on any topic of your choice.


When collaborating online, you can launch skype from within Mindmeister to chat and discuss.

IM Support


By The Remote Control CEO

From the mind of Greg Balanko-Dickson The Remote Control CEO.