5 Week Lesson Plan

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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5 Week Lesson Plan by Mind Map: 5 Week Lesson Plan

1. Computer Literacy Activity

1.1. Finding a credible source

1.1.1. Definition

1.1.2. How to identify a credible source Examples What is/What is not Search Internet for credible sources

2. English

2.1. Grammar

2.1.1. Sentence Parts Noun Pronoun Subject Definitions Adverb Adjective

2.1.2. Punctuation Comma Colon Semi Colon Period Definitions Exclamation Question Mark

2.2. Understanding/Identifying parts of a sentence

2.2.1. Task

2.2.2. Prerequisites

2.3. Correct usage of punctuation

2.3.1. Task

2.3.2. Prerequisites

3. Science

3.1. Astronomy

3.1.1. Luminosity of stars Definition of luminosity What determines luminosity Links to luminosity scale Video: Explaining scales in more detail Links to photos of stars with stated luminosity

3.2. Undertand the definition of luminosity

3.3. Understand how to use luminosity scale

4. Recreational Activity

4.1. Movie

4.1.1. based on current course subject Writing Assignment 2 paragraphs Opinions/thoughts on movie How does the movie relate to class material? Submit through email/class page

5. Math

5.1. FOIL

5.1.1. Explain acronym

5.1.2. Diagrams of how FOIL is performed Online instructional video

5.1.3. Examples Interactive Quiz Explains why answers are wrong/right