Soccer in Spanish

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Soccer in Spanish by Mind Map: Soccer in Spanish

1. Vocabulary we want to learn

1.1. Bai

1.2. Basic words

1.2.1. My name is How's your day What are you doing

1.3. Forward

1.3.1. Defense Goalie Team

1.4. Soccer

1.4.1. What do we do What team am I on What is your name

2. New Node

3. Cultural Questions we want to ask

3.1. What it's like to be in Spain

3.1.1. What's the weatther Is there any time differently What do you wear over there

3.2. How they speak spanish

3.2.1. What time are they in school Do they have safety patrol over there

4. Drills we want to teach

4.1. Kick a goal

4.1.1. Pass Work together

4.2. How to hit the ball with your head

4.2.1. Do you wear shin guards when you play? Are the rules the same in Spain?

5. Cultural aspects we want to share

5.1. What time is it

5.1.1. What it's like What foods we eat What clothes we wear

5.2. Do they have the same food as we do?

5.2.1. Do they have I Pads in Spain? Do they have phones in Spain?

6. New Node