Carpet Weavers, Morocco

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Carpet Weavers, Morocco by Mind Map: Carpet Weavers, Morocco

1. Theme

1.1. Child Labour

1.1.1. A hard reality

1.1.2. "Another world" from what we are used to

1.1.3. "Free" verse (irony)

2. Figures of Speech

2.1. Metaphors

2.1.1. "Then they will lace the dark-rose veins of the tree-tops"

2.2. Similes

2.2.1. "Flickering knots like television"

2.3. Irony

2.3.1. "Would make a melodious chime." Ironic due to their unheard voices

3. Imagery

3.1. Carpet

3.1.1. Escape (magic carpet)

3.1.2. Children's hopes, prayers and emotions

3.1.3. Magic carpet(escape)

3.1.4. Hopes and prayers of children

3.2. Children

3.2.1. Appearances Ironic False sense of security/hope Assorted heights and colours

3.2.2. Life Are taken for granted Influenced by religion "Garden of Islam" Forced to work harder and harder Life long slavery

4. Language Techniques

4.1. Alliteration/Fricative


4.2. Rhythm/Rhyme Scheme

4.2.1. No rhyme scheme

4.2.2. Iambic Pentameter

4.2.3. Free Verse

4.3. Structure

4.3.1. 4 Stanzas with three lines each

5. Author Influence

5.1. Has visited Morocco and seen the horrors of slavery