in space with markiplier

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in space with markiplier by Mind Map: in space with markiplier

1. go towards the light...

1.1. jump in again!

1.1.1. jump in again! jump in again! jump in again! call emergency meeting call emergency meeting

1.1.2. call emergency meeting

1.2. call emergency meeting

2. put out fire

2.1. send mark in

2.1.1. send mark in again send mark in... again fix from outside

2.1.2. fix from out side

2.2. fix from outside

2.3. wake the crew

2.3.1. fix from out side

2.3.2. wake the crew fix from the out side wake the crew

3. fix life support

3.1. wear disguise

3.2. wake crew

3.2.1. call for backup

3.2.2. wake crew blow it up before it blows you up i believe you this must be a dream wake crew