Graphical Analysis

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Graphical Analysis by Mind Map: Graphical Analysis

1. Determine Slope

1.1. Count reference lines (up/down & over)

1.2. Apply scale from axes

1.3. Apply units from axes

1.4. Convert to decimal form

2. Determine LOBF or nonlinear

2.1. Transform to Linear Function

2.1.1. Determine which side is "growing slower" and square it.

2.1.2. If one grows while the other shrinks, invert one

3. Write Mathematical Model

3.1. (Quantity from v-axis) = (Slope with units) * (Quantity from h-axis) + v-intercept (if meaningful)

4. Find vertical intercept

4.1. Determine what the intercept means

4.2. Does intercept have meaning? (is it >5% of max IV data point?)

5. Make the Graph

5.1. Title

5.2. Label Axes

5.3. Scale and Fit

5.4. Proportional Numbering