Operating System

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Operating System by Mind Map: Operating System

1. Windows 8

1.1. pros

1.1.1. Common user experience across devices - The new UI will help merge the tablet and PC markets and allow PCs to benefits from touch capabilities.

1.1.2. 3G/4G support - Windows 8 will detect your SIM card, determine the vendor, and download the appropriate connection app from the Windows App Store, if it's available.

1.2. cons

1.2.1. No start menu - Microsoft has pulled the Start button off the legacy interface, complicating any Windows 8 rollout in a corporate environment.

1.2.2. Desktop abandonment - Given Windows 8's emphasis on mobile and touch, the corporate desktop seems to be an afterthought.

2. Mac OS X

2.1. pros

2.1.1. The software and hardware are designed to work together for optimal experience

2.1.2. Programs are not married to one another, so if one locks up the whole computer doesn't lock up and the program can be restarted

2.2. cons

2.2.1. Windows XP was used for 8 years, Microsoft charged nothing extra for the service pack upgrades during that entire 8 years, compared to the additional $30 extra Mac users had to pay every 2 years to upgrade.

2.2.2. Windows is still the premier gaming PC, you can still run many games on Mac OS X but not all of them.

3. Linux Ubuntu

3.1. pros

3.1.1. The biggest pro to Linux is the fact that it's open source

3.1.2. Linux is more secure than Windows.

3.2. cons

3.2.1. However, when something doesn’t work, you best be prepared to spend a lot of time on Google.

3.2.2. After a long time of conducting searches, I found out I had to manually edit the configuration file to delay the boot time of the application by 10 seconds before it would correctly start when I log in to the system

4. Operating System

4.1. The software that supports a computer's basic functions, such as scheduling tasks, executing applications, and controlling peripherals.

5. Open Source

5.1. of or relating to or being computer software for which the source code is freely available.

6. RAM

6.1. RAM (random access memory) is the place in a computer where the operating system, application program