LOOP Ch 6&7

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LOOP Ch 6&7 by Mind Map: LOOP Ch 6&7

1. CH 7

1.1. humor

1.1.1. abuse of women by warring gangs rape story Anita more afraid of mother than rapist Gloria covers anger with time and money spent for abortion, Anita already pregnant Ignacio more worried about stolen watch than rape Claudia crying because virgin poor class less likely to report rape from views on sexuality

1.1.2. misplaced priorities of stepfathers Ignacio

1.1.3. desire of women for men to provide economic stability Marilia tried to kill Celso with rat poison male economic participation main issue for women in romantic relationships

1.2. What is to be done?

1.2.1. "good faith" social services

1.2.2. white collar crimes punished

1.2.3. true democracy

2. Ch 6

2.1. sexual terms

2.1.1. comer to consume sexually eater eaten

2.1.2. padastros stepfathers = dangerous men Isadora Elis Marilia Mauro comment to Soneca

2.1.3. crente sexual dream

2.2. Carioca identity

2.2.1. sex positive attitutde

2.2.2. sexual teasing and banter Lucas sent to prostitute to lose virginity Marieta comment by toddler to doctor

2.2.3. masculine vision

2.2.4. enjoy flirtation

2.2.5. age of consent is 12