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Renaissance 2.0 by Mind Map: Renaissance 2.0
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Renaissance 2.0

Generations Y and Z face a myriad of future career possibilities, in an age of desktop fabrication, robots, and nano-technology. In a fast changing digital age, how do we prepare them for jobs that haven't been invented yet? How do we support our future Designers, Knowledge Traders, Power Searchers and Webtop workers? How do we support their individual learning styles, nurture creativity and facilitate innovators?  How do we create effective knowledge flows across generations, countries and cultures?

Published by Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media, NZ under a Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) License. You can share, remix and republish this work for non commercial use, as long as you give attribution and publish using the same CC license.

Keynote Speaker: Helen Baxter.

Managing Directrix of Mohawk Media.

Keynote Speech: Ulearn 2007, New Zealand

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My Learning Pathway

Gifted aged 3, Early promise, Reading, talking, eidetic memory, Slowed dramatically, Wrong environment, Moved to Special Needs Primary, Trinity Primary School, Hereford, UK, Supportive, nurturing, PC lab in heart, Different abilities - not Disability

Access to NAGC UK 10 to 16, UK programme, Summer Activities - Birmingham University, Mixed Ages, Arts, Science & Technologies, "try before you study"

Hereford Cathedral School, UK, Won Music Scholarship & Bursary. Aged 11, School was Founded 8th Century, Broad foundation of knowledge

ISCO Tests Aged 15, Knowledge & Skills kept wide, Learned How I learn, Mapped against Alumni, Clear Pathways to Careers

Hereford Sixth Form College, Campus shared with Art & Technical Colleges, Cross college pollination, Academia, Arts & Design, Science & Engineering, Commerce & Apprenticeships, Accessibility through IT, National College for Blind nearby

1991: Moved to Bristol UK - Work & Study, P/T Study, HNC Business & Finance, Filton College, CAM Diploma, Bristol Business School (no exams), Modular Approach, Just In Time Knowledge, Bristol Cyberskills, F/T at Bank, Bank, PCs introduced, Pertemps, Recruitment Consultant, Pertemps, Recruitment Consultant, Temps with Degrees, Era of 'Downsizing', Knowledge Lost, Need for KM Industry

My Career Pathway

93 Special Publications, Venue Magazine, Macs for design

94 - 97: Started own business, The Herbal Highway Ltd. Aged 21., Mailorder then website selling herbal products internationally, Pre-ecommerce, credit cards & shopping carts, More demand for Internet training

97 - 00 Internet Trainer:, Training Manager for ISP, Wrote & delivered Website Workshops, Individuals, Corporates, Schools, Tertiary, CIT Certificate in Global Communications, Cambridge Accredited, Authored "All you need to know about the Internet", Interactive Training CD, JV Industry & Academia, Digital Cognition -1998, P/T Lecturer at the University of West of England, Aged 25. No degree in Internet skills then., Radio / TV Internet Commentator, BBC Radio Bristol etc.

00 -01 eCommunities Producer, Communities of Practice, Just4 Teachers, Just4 Nurses, - International Web Agency

01 - 03 Editor / Community Manager UK/NZ,, Award winning community for Knowledge & Innovation, Built by European Commission & Sift Bristol, Teleworked managing 60 editors remotely from NZ

03 - Present NZ, 03 TMet Recordings, New Zealand's first digital dance label, 04 Mohawk Media, Celebrating art, science and emerging technologies, 05 - 06 Business Studies Tutor, Natcoll Design School, NZ, Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Course, Wrote course materials & lectured at Auckland Campus, 05 - Futurist / Columnist / Strategist, Radio NZ, National, Virtual World, TVNZ News, The Geek Squad

Educating New Leonardos

Renaissance 2.0

Creativity + Science + Technology = Renaissance 2.0

WANTED: Creative Thinkers & Innovators

New Zealand is full of them!

"New Leonardos", NESTA UK

Build on solid knowledge foundation

Life-long Learning Needed for ALL - Students AND Educators

Need to Learn the Joy of Learning


Learning over Earning

Facilitation not Education

Two-way exchange across generations

Best person for Job, Age independent

Let Generation Y & Z teach YOU

Tech Angels, Tech Crew & Tech Execs, Wellington Girls College, Mentoring Angels

Digital Opportunities Projects, NZ

Open Source Attitude






Embrace new Spaces & Places for Education

Recommend they Read Sci-Fi

Encourage X Disciplinary X Pollination = Invention

BOSE suspension + Latop Batteries = cars of future

How do you teach an Inventor?

1. Teach can do, will try  attitude. Generation Why? 2.  Provide multidisiplinary foundation 3. Provide Pathways, and knowledge trails  4. Provide Tools & Spaces  5. Stand Well Back and Facilitate

Campus of Future?

Like Googleplex

Work + Play = Lifelong Learning

NZ Curriculum Shift from What to How 2009

Mary Chamberlain, overseeing the project for the Education Ministry, says that although people are "rattled" by the changes, "there's no use (students) being little knowledge banks walking around on legs. "We've got computers, we don't need people walking around with them in their heads... People just have to get used to that."

Learning 2.0

Step 1: Learn How to learn

Step 2: Core Foundations

Language, Arithmetic, Geography, Culture, Arts, Music, History, Science, Lifeskills.

Context is Important

Avoid early specialism

Theoretical, Practical, Social Skills & Understanding

Step: 3 Provide Pathways to Open Source Knowledge

Lifelong Learning - Develop Skills around Needs and Interests

Gap Careers not Years

Augmented studying

The Einstein Approach

know where the knowledge is

Saves your processor & harddrive space

More Montessori & Steiner Styles

Mixed Ages, Cross Displinary, Individual Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences

Larry & Sergei - Google co-founders

Aaron Schwarz

Space / Time

Re-think the use of Physical Space, Delivery Methods & Time

Centres for Academic Excellence

Design Schools 2.0

Schools of Ambition

Virtual Rome

New Learning Interfaces - Wii Physics

Second Life Training Academies


TED Talks, Technology, Entertainment & Design, Ideas Worth Spreading, Eva Vertes - Aged 19, TED Under 30, Alzheimers Breakthough Aged 14, Princeton - Cancer Stem Cells Research, Sir Ken Robinson

Online Text Books, Cafescribe

Open Source Science,

Teachertube, "I don't have ADHD - I'm just not listening, Pay Attention


Online Learning Resources

MIT Online Courses

Open Source Science -

Online textbooks, Cafescribe

Collaborative Tools, Wikis, Ed Research Wikis, Free Thinking LOOP, Shared Docs, Open Peer Review, Online Meetings, Audio / Text, Project Management, Re-use Material - Iterative, Podcasts, Blogs + Comments

"Don't expect me to go into school every day"

Study with the same tools as the workplace.

MAKE, Instructable, DIY Everything

Claytronic & Catoms - Programmable Matter

Robots & Nano-technology

Coming soon...the Fab Lab Revolution,

Careers 2.0

Projects v Jobs

Old v New Career Paths

Accountants need to become Strategists. Teachers  - Facilitators.

Web Top Workers


Knowledge Trading

Social networks

Importance of Games

Robot Surgeons

Strategy / Teamwork

Telepresence work

Requires new attitudes

Transparent, Open Natives

v Controlling Digital Colonists

Mindmaps v Documentation

Short-term Contracts v Jobs

Manage the learning - not the students

Work/study/life balance

Re-thinking how to Teach Teachers

Self publishing for $$

Brand of One

Teenage Entrepreneurs

Pathways & Markets

The MsBehaviour Files, Designer Re-Fashion, Indie TV, Indie Authors, Indie Music, Space, Mindmaps, Time, Comics, Information Aesthetics, A Creative's Toolkit

Recommended Links

The Web Top

A collection of Web 2.0 links with a focus on Work 2.0

Teach Media NZ

Resources for NZ Media Studies Teachers.

Map of Future Forces on Education

The MsBehaviour Files

Mindmaps, Space, Time, A Creative's Toolkit, Comics

The Future of Media

Free Thinking Wiki

Wiki with podcasts and workshop notes from the Wellington Loop Project day (NZ) 03/08/07

The Web is Us/ing Us

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