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Renaissance 2.0 by Mind Map: Renaissance 2.0
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Renaissance 2.0

Generations Y and Z face a myriad of future career possibilities, in an age of desktop fabrication, robots, and nano-technology. In a fast changing digital age, how do we prepare them for jobs that haven't been invented yet? How do we support our future Designers, Knowledge Traders, Power Searchers and Webtop workers? How do we support their individual learning styles, nurture creativity and facilitate innovators?  How do we create effective knowledge flows across generations, countries and cultures?

Published by Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media, NZ under a Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) License. You can share, remix and republish this work for non commercial use, as long as you give attribution and publish using the same CC license.

Keynote Speaker: Helen Baxter.

Managing Directrix of Mohawk Media.

Keynote Speech: Ulearn 2007, New Zealand

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My Learning Pathway

My Career Pathway

Educating New Leonardos

Renaissance 2.0

Build on solid knowledge foundation

Life-long Learning Needed for ALL - Students AND Educators

Need to Learn the Joy of Learning

Two-way exchange across generations

Open Source Attitude

Embrace new Spaces & Places for Education

Recommend they Read Sci-Fi

Encourage X Disciplinary X Pollination = Invention

BOSE suspension + Latop Batteries = cars of future

How do you teach an Inventor?

1. Teach can do, will try  attitude. Generation Why? 2.  Provide multidisiplinary foundation 3. Provide Pathways, and knowledge trails  4. Provide Tools & Spaces  5. Stand Well Back and Facilitate

Campus of Future?

NZ Curriculum Shift from What to How 2009

Mary Chamberlain, overseeing the project for the Education Ministry, says that although people are "rattled" by the changes, "there's no use (students) being little knowledge banks walking around on legs. "We've got computers, we don't need people walking around with them in their heads... People just have to get used to that."

Learning 2.0

Step 1: Learn How to learn

Step 2: Core Foundations

Language, Arithmetic, Geography, Culture, Arts, Music, History, Science, Lifeskills.

Step: 3 Provide Pathways to Open Source Knowledge

Lifelong Learning - Develop Skills around Needs and Interests

Gap Careers not Years

Augmented studying

More Montessori & Steiner Styles

Mixed Ages, Cross Displinary, Individual Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences

Space / Time



MAKE, Instructable, DIY Everything

Careers 2.0

Projects v Jobs

Old v New Career Paths

Accountants need to become Strategists. Teachers  - Facilitators.

Web Top Workers

Importance of Games

Requires new attitudes

Self publishing for $$

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Resources for NZ Media Studies Teachers.

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