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Guild Master by Mind Map: Guild Master
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Guild Master

Professions Officer

Professions Leaders

Leaders are to fulfill any requests from guildies for crafting

It is not the Leaders authority to remove items from the bank without of the bank officer's athority.

Leaders will have the ability to repair upto 20g a day

Officers are of a higher rank from leaders.

Officers jobs are to make sure all profession leaders are fulfilling their job for the guild

If Leaders cannot do their job, it is the Officers job to replace the specific leader.

Officer will keep track of the 10 greens a week policy for the guild and forward them to the appropriate leader

Raid Officer

Class Leaders

Class leaders are to know a fair knowledge of that role (talent builds/ glyphs/ enchants/ technique/ stats/ macros)

class leaders will take all issues amongst the guild. All classes are to listen to their class leader over anyone else in the raid and out.

Leaders job to gather pots and elixirs from guild bank before raid

Class leaders get to choose who will be in the raid for what encounters. If too many members, leaders will need to create rotations (per wk) for that class.

Officers job to organize raid times

Officers job to know the raid inside and out to inform class leaders about encounters.

Officers job to make sure the Class leaders are doing their job and if they are knowledgeable for that role.

Bank Officer

Loot Officer

Loot officer will be the only person to have master looter in raids

Loot officer is to keep track of all loot and who it goes too.

Loot officer will send any BoE items straight to the bank officer if they are present, if not the loot officer will take it.

Bank officer is in charge of tidiness of the guild bank and all larger bank requests.

Bank officer will have the choice to make gold (for guild profit) on the AH

GM Role

GM's has higher word over anyone else

GM will only tell officers about guild changes, all officers will tell ppl from there,

GM's Job to discuss escalated issues

GM has the right to remove any member at any time from the guild