GCSE Computer Science

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GCSE Computer Science by Mind Map: GCSE Computer Science

1. Storage of data inside a computer

1.1. How numbers are stored inside a computer

1.1.1. binary, bits, nybbles, bytes

1.2. How letters are stored inside a computer

1.2.1. ASCII Upto code 127

1.2.2. Unicode UTF-8

1.3. How pictures are stored inside a computer

2. The insides of a computer

2.1. Central Processing Unit

2.1.1. ALU

2.1.2. Registers/memory

2.1.3. Control Unit

2.2. RAM

2.2.1. DRAM

2.2.2. SRAM Cache Memory

3. Computer Programs

3.1. Machine code

3.2. Written in a high-level languge

3.2.1. compiled (gcc)

3.2.2. C programming language

4. Programming constructs

4.1. output to screen

4.2. variables

4.3. mathematical operators

4.4. input from user