Chapter 1 - Europe's Early Middle Ages

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Chapter 1 - Europe's Early Middle Ages by Mind Map: Chapter 1 - Europe's Early Middle Ages

1. The Mediterranean World

1.1. had everything to sustain large numbers of people

1.1.1. soil, rainfall, and sunshine

1.2. Mediterranean Sea route encouraged people to travel

1.3. Earliest civilizations were Greece and Rome

1.3.1. Greek Empire fell to the Romans in 150 B.C.E.

1.4. Greeks studied philosophy, art, architecture, drama, literature, medicine and science

1.5. Created running water, road networks and military organizations

1.6. Romans were ruling for more than six centuries

2. The Franks

2.1. Merovingians- royal family ruled France

2.1.1. Clovis I ruled from 481 to 511 C.E. After his death, the kingdom was divided and children were not good rulers

2.2. Salic Code- the laws

2.2.1. If person was killed- wergild fine Other punishments: slavery, lashes, fines, death, torture, or banishment

2.3. Had social classes

2.3.1. 60% were serfs/peasants

3. The Anglo-Saxons and The Celts

3.1. Angles, Saxons, and Jutes drove out the Celts

3.1.1. Sent into Wales, Cornwall, and Scotland, then across the sea to Ireland Celtic language disappeared

3.1.2. Germanic invaders began to settle

3.2. Practiced nature worship - Druidism

3.3. St. Patrick - patron saint of Ireland

3.3.1. Brought Christianity and learning respect

3.4. Large monasteries attracted European monks too

3.4.1. Spread Christianity

3.5. Irish monks preserved cultural legacies

3.5.1. Copied out by hand on dry sheepskin (parchment)

4. The Vikings

4.1. Easter 855- Vikings attacked Charlemagne's Empire

4.2. Reasons to attack

4.2.1. Mainly attacked because their land couldn't support the growing population

4.2.2. Attacked for plunder and glory

4.3. Could raid with a single ship or fleets of hundreds

4.4. Began to settle in England and France

4.4.1. Vikings were paid to leave lands since they were so terrifying

4.5. Didn't just raid, were actually cultured

4.5.1. Most were farmers or fishers

4.5.2. Men and women shared hardwork

4.5.3. Highly skilled woodworkers and smiths

4.5.4. Artwork shows the gods: Odin, Thor and Freya

4.6. Came from Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)

4.7. Landowners had slaves

4.7.1. Thralls

4.7.2. Slaves children automatically became slaves

4.8. Had people with good memories and singing voices to preserve legends and stories

4.8.1. Skalds Needed them since most people couldn't read or write

4.9. Viking Law Code

4.9.1. Not written down instead had "Law Speakers" memorize everything

4.9.2. Worst thing was to be considered in outlaw You could be killed on sight so that someone else can have your property

4.10. Viking Age ended in the eleventh century

4.10.1. Europeans got stronger and learned how to deal with the Vikings

4.10.2. Were given land to occupy from rulers

4.10.3. People converted to Christianity

5. Charlemagne

5.1. Came to power in 768 C.E

5.2. Father, Pepin the Short, drove out last Merovingian ruler

5.3. Wanted to rebuild civilization

5.3.1. Established schools and monasteries

5.3.2. Interested in science and literature

5.4. Christmas 800- was crowned

5.5. Missi Dominici

5.5.1. undercover spies making sure everyone was treated fairly

5.6. Made the Saxons convert to Christianity

5.6.1. If you didn't, ordered soldiers to kill 1000 people in a day

5.7. Died at 72 after ruling for 40 years

5.8. Ruled the Carolingian empire from about 770 to 814

6. The Romans

6.1. were highly literate

6.2. Latin was the main language

6.2.1. Some spoke Greek in the east

6.3. Code of Laws

6.3.1. Canada adopted some of the laws

6.3.2. Women, non-Romans and slaves didn't benefit

6.3.3. Right to be rescued from poverty, and protection from war

6.4. 410 C.E.- conquered by Goths (Germanic people)

6.5. Art, architecture, drama, literature, sports, mythology, philosophy, laws and government systems

6.5.1. Today's civilizations inspired by the Greek and Romans

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