Talents of ADHDers

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Talents of ADHDers by Mind Map: Talents of ADHDers

1. Work

1.1. Will always have a lot done in a fast pace

1.2. Very industrious when work is interesting and varied / changing tasks

1.3. Can hyperfocus

1.4. Is caught by tasks that are just thrown on the table. (attention)

1.5. Likes tasks that can be completed here and now

1.6. Good to have new ideas and alternative solutions

1.7. Best in not making mistakes in everything that can be done "here and now."

1.8. Tremendous speed

1.9. Good to immerse long

1.10. Good to find creative solutions

1.11. Good for multitask in all directions

1.12. Good to follow systems, procedures and work rules

1.13. Enormously effective

1.14. Is conversion ready when there is instruction and aids / support

1.15. Is very concious

1.16. Does not participate in the intrigues at work

1.17. Is flexible

1.18. Doer

1.19. Only with the PC and the Internet became my interests and my strengths are clearly defined

1.20. Good to get ideas

1.21. Have a large quantity of knowledge

1.22. Anticipates many tasks in a different way than most

1.23. Sees alternative options

1.24. Accustomed to fighting for success

2. Danish/English Translation: Roberto Paveto

3. Social

3.1. Is good at listening to others without constant comments

3.2. Good to deal with celebrities (not ashamed)

3.3. Appealing and empathetic

3.4. Good to play with children on their terms

3.5. Avoid small-talk, trivial statements and superficial conversation

3.6. Not shy, brave

3.7. Has impact

3.8. Good negotiators, are solid, eloquent

3.9. Good storytellers

3.10. Charismatic, strong radiation

3.11. Sees things from other angles

3.12. Inclusive and motivator

3.13. Good in planning everything from large festivals to children's birthdays

3.14. Loves to sit at the computer and find ideas and prices, etc

3.15. Good to talk

3.16. Every day is new!

3.17. Puts no one in the "bass"

3.18. Is direct and honest, not afraid to speak hes mind

4. Personality

4.1. Preference for detail rather than the whole

4.2. Is persistent

4.3. Very creative and artistic

4.4. Has a high degree of risk taking

4.5. Greater sensitivity to specific sensory experiences

4.6. Has exceptionally good memory and recalls details

5. Private

5.1. Absolutely loyal and reliable friends

5.2. "is fun and slightly crazy"

5.3. Is friends friend and take care of others beyond what you can expect

5.4. Photos, web design, genealogy, and lots of books

5.5. Does not rest on laurels

6. Author: Anders Dinsen