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A.D.D.I.E. by Mind Map: A.D.D.I.E.

1. Analysis

1.1. Collect data from Subject Matter Experts

1.1.1. What drives need

1.1.2. How will success be measured

1.1.3. What is learning outcome expectations

1.1.4. Who are the learners

1.1.5. What other outside party interests are there if any

1.2. Budget and timeline considerations

1.2.1. How much will it cost

1.2.2. How soon should it take place

1.2.3. How Long will it last

1.3. Next Steps

1.3.1. Smart Goals Specfic Measureable Attainable Realistic and relivant Timely

1.3.2. Learners Level of development Current Knowledge and/or experience Learner Motivation Learners styles

1.3.3. Write Objectives Build Blueprint overview

1.3.4. Determine Resources Qualify instructors Discover Material needed or on-hand Equipment needs and requirements

2. Design

2.1. Develop Strategy

2.1.1. Sequence

2.1.2. Method of delivery Instructor-Led Self-study E-learning enviroment

2.1.3. Use of Assessments

2.2. Who is the target Audience

2.3. Write Course Description

2.4. Constant Feedback

2.4.1. From Designers

2.4.2. SME's

2.4.3. other invested parties

3. Development

3.1. Prototype

3.1.1. Story Boards

3.1.2. Sample Pages

3.1.3. Mock Layout

3.2. Develop Course Materials

3.2.1. Match to objectives

3.2.2. Work through scenarios

3.3. Review

3.3.1. Does it meet objectives?

3.3.2. Is it accurate?

3.3.3. Is it complete?

3.4. Test runs

3.4.1. Put in front of learners

3.4.2. Are learners engaged?

3.4.3. Is flow correct and smooth?

3.4.4. Collect learners feedback

3.4.5. Revise as needed

4. Implementation

4.1. Establish a timetable to release

4.2. Schedule courses

4.3. Advertise and enroll

4.4. Train the trainers

4.5. Verify equipment needs are met

4.6. Release all material

5. Evaluate

5.1. Was the course well received?

5.2. Were learning objectives met?

5.3. Was there use of material in real life/workplace?

5.4. Review Assessments

5.5. Revise as needed

5.6. Review often