Magazine project

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Magazine project by Mind Map: Magazine project

1. Past

1.1. Images of old television sets

1.2. Paragraphs detailing old television sets

1.2.1. Comparison to new T.Vs

2. Present

2.1. Images of televisions currently available

2.2. Paragraphs detailing televisions already available

2.2.1. Product reviews included

2.3. Top 10 T.Vs

3. Future

3.1. Images of futuristic television concepts

3.2. Paragraphs detailing concepts

4. Housestyle

4.1. Background

4.1.1. Black

4.1.2. Dark and bright blue streaks

4.2. Text

4.2.1. Large underlined bright/dark blue headings

4.2.2. Small white text for body and sub-heading text