Holden's Hero's Journey

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Holden's Hero's Journey by Mind Map: Holden's Hero's Journey

1. Departure

1.1. leaves Pencey early

2. Supernatural Aid

2.1. hunting hat

3. Crossing First Threshold

3.1. goes to hotel, first day on own

4. Trials-Brother Battle

4.1. gets in fight with Phoebe over leaving

5. Meeting with the Goddess

5.1. meets Phoebe and realizes his arrogance

6. Woman as Temptress

6.1. Date with Sally

6.2. wants to run away with her

7. Atonement with the Father

7.1. Antolini talk about fall and self-discovery

8. Apotheosis

8.1. gains knowledge/realization from Antolini

8.2. becomes more content/familiar with self

8.3. spends time with Phoebe and sees he can't protect her forever and she'll be like him

8.3.1. carousel-childhood innocence

9. Maddie Kim, Maddie Wilkinson, and Dean Behary