The Time Machine Essay

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The Time Machine Essay by Mind Map: The Time Machine Essay

1. Capitalism

1.1. Class Dispairty

1.1.1. Eloi Upper class Grow weak

1.1.2. Morlocks Lower class Grow strong Support the upper class, and eventually overthrow them

2. Satire

2.1. 19th century England

2.1.1. Social Darwinism

2.1.2. Technological, social and economic progress

2.2. Present day

2.2.1. America Reduction in the middle class

2.2.2. China Increase in the middle class

2.2.3. Educational system The upper class continue to receive a better education, and therefore are more likely to get a better degree, and have a higher paying career. This causes class disparity once again. The lower class continue to receive lesser education, and therefore are more likely to go through the cycle of poverty. Maybe if careers were governmentally regulated, as opposed to the free state of the education and job market.