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GEA RfQ by Mind Map: GEA RfQ

1. General

1.1. The IDEA method as a Lodestone standard tool provides comprehensive toolbox for implementation / execution phase

1.2. Lodestone offers together with Infosys all services needed to run implementation projects

1.2.1. Data Migration Process Cockpits Technical tools

1.2.2. Change Management Training Concepts Training Tools e.g. WBT (Web Based Trainings) Role based trainings Train the trainer

1.2.3. Localisation Legal requirements Best practices

1.2.4. Testing Experience with several test environments HP Quality Center SAP Solution Manager

1.3. Lodestone offers customized services

1.3.1. Different seniority levels

1.3.2. Global availability on all continents using same toolset (IDEA) Global communities supporting local staff On Shore, near shore and off shore capabilities

1.3.3. Industrialized Rollouts use of standard toolbox

1.4. Reference Customers

1.4.1. BOSCH PA check with Stephan Bode evtl. ask if they really expect to go on reference site?

2. RfQ1: GEA Food Solutions

2.1. Single Order Handling

2.1.1. mainly rollout to Americas already rolled out to 18 countries

2.2. SCM / Manufacturing

2.2.1. Netherlands / Germany

2.2.2. China (optional)

2.3. Benefits from choosing Lodestone

2.3.1. presence in North America via Infosys

2.3.2. Experinece with sales rollouts for Bosch and others..

2.3.3. Implementation project toolbox (aka Chengdu) Comprehensive Project charter Reliable and detailed project plan

3. RfQ2: GEA Heat Exchangers

3.1. IT Landscape is a zoo

3.1.1. Lodestone and Infosys know the animals / systems Tools eg. for migration available

3.2. SSC Shared Service Center

3.2.1. Lodestone experience?

3.3. Global presence

3.3.1. standard toolset used on all continents IDEA!

4. RfQ3: GEA Process Engineering

4.1. E2O Engineer to order

4.2. Similiar to above