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Power by Mind Map: Power

1. Social Classes

1.1. Inequalities between rich and poor

1.1.1. Haves and have-nots

1.1.2. Feed the World, Banksy

1.1.3. Pay Taxes

2. Money (Financial/Economic power)

2.1. The new business world

2.1.1. Text page 58-59, Welcome to the 21st century, an extract from the book "A Scandalous Man" (2005) written by Gavin Esler.

2.2. The power of the banks

2.2.1. The CEO of the bank

3. Power which comes from family history

3.1. The UK monarchy debate, (listening comprehension)

4. Political power

4.1. Presidential elections/ philosophies of political men

4.1.1. Mitt Romney's philosophy

4.1.2. Obama & Romney, November 2012

5. Job and income inequalities

5.1. A text, with lots of documents "Haves and Haves-Nots : Income Inequality in America


6.1. The Occupy Wall Street Movement

6.1.1. "We are the 99%"

6.1.2. Anti-Wall Street demonstration, New York 2011

6.1.3. "Beware the banksters"

6.1.4. Demonstration against the bank

6.1.5. News Report (listening comprehension)