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Power by Mind Map: Power
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Social Classes

Inequalities between rich and poor

Money (Financial/Economic power)

The new business world

The power of the banks

Power which comes from family history

The UK monarchy debate, (listening comprehension)

+ Marriages among rich people create high income families.

Political power

Presidential elections/ philosophies of political men

Job and income inequalities

A text, with lots of documents "Haves and Haves-Nots : Income Inequality in America

- Job inequality, depends on studies (on how far you have achieved + on your first job) - Loss of jobs because of new technologies in a lot of domains (people are replaced with computers, machines...) -Income inequalities : the rich become richer than the others.


The Occupy Wall Street Movement

-in front of OWS, bankers didn't react : just asked the rest of the society to have more money/ to give them. -they don't care about people who haven't got houses or anything to eat because of taxes. -they didn't want any demonstration against them -These documents highlight the fact that bankers are pitiless and crual because they don't think of the consequences of their acts on people. -They are also dangerous, people always need money so they always need a bank. -Moreover banks are covered up by laws so they can get their money back even if people can't pay them back. (that's the reason why the OWS was created). -Incomprehension between the rich and the poor.