Irony accomplishes Theme

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Irony accomplishes Theme by Mind Map: Irony accomplishes Theme

1. "hers and the on by the empty chair opposite" (p379)

1.1. Theme and Irony. Many short stories provide insights into what the world is like and how this supports the theme of the story

1.1.1. Irony of Situation: occurs when the outcome is different from that expected

2. Irony basically shows theme by emphasizing key ideas into a literary element which is Theme.

3. "And in the other room, Mary Maloney began to giggle." page 386. This shows that one character knows something the others don't. Therefore creating situational irony

4. "The cops were looking for the murder weapon but they were eating it." This shows that the cops underestimated the wife and she tricked them. It supports the theme that you shouldn't underestimate people.

5. Situational Irony: How she was making the lamb chop to treat her husband but ended up killing him with it instead

6. Theme is a big thing and is represented by minor things like irony to make it stand out.

7. Theme: you should never underestimate someone or take for granted that they are capable of evil

8. "Mary buys a piece of cheesecake for her dead husband." This example of verbal irony shows that the wife was extremely clever. Nobody expected her to be this clever so she used it to her advantage. They underestimated her again.-Ethan Saake

8.1. It is ironic that the wife of a detective comitted a murder and fooled a whole detective

9. "that's why it ought to be easy to find." page 386. this shows situational irony, by having the officers eat the evidence that killed patrick.

10. "One of them belched," Dramatic Irony: because we know they are eating the weapon that they were looking for but they don't

11. "they were looking for the weapon" (p385) this is dramtic irony and the idea that the readers know something the police don't know adds to theme.

12. There are many ironic parts about this story. For one, the title itself is ironic

13. it is ironic that in the begginig of the story she loved her husband and couldnt wait for him to get home but she ends up killing him later the same day

13.1. irony accomplishes the theme in this story because the irony shows and explains the theme of dont judge a book by its cover. it is shown by the irony showing the least expected thing to happen which is the ironic part of this story

14. "Now and again she would glance up at the clock, but without anxiety, merely to please herself with the thought of each minute gone by made it nearer when he could come." This shows situational irony by having the character want her husband to come home, but not what ends up happening. This explains the theme by describing her and showing that she doesn't seem like she would do anything evil. She seemed so innocent just waiting, probably like she always seemed. And because she was probably always this way, you wouldn't expect her to act any different. But she did. And they underestimated her and thought she wouldn't do it. So she got away with it.

15. Irony is very prevelant in the story and accomplishes theme.

16. "Get the weapon and you've got the man." (pg. 379) It's ironic because she's a woman, and they had the weapon, but they ate it. This helps to embelish the theme by showing why they underestimated her. That phrase is basically what the cops went by, so they weren't expecting the weapon to be something you wouldn't expect to be the weapon, and they also didn't expect the criminal to be a woman.

17. "she wants us to finish it. She said so. Be doing her a favor" Irony that adds to the thesis.