Internet sources weeding the good from the bad

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Internet sources weeding the good from the bad by Mind Map: Internet sources weeding the  good from the bad

1. evaluation and critique

1.1. trust

1.1.1. Author’s education, training, and/or experience in a field relevant to the information. Look for biographical information, the author’s title, or position of employment Author’s contact information (e-mail or postal mail address, telephone number) Organizational authorship from a known and respected organization (corporate, governmental, or non-profit) Organizational authorship reflecting an appropriate area of expertise Author’s reputation or standing among peers.


1.3. bad signs

1.3.1. typos and other mistakes

1.3.2. pop up ads

1.3.3. no contact or auther info

1.3.4. no dates or isnt up to date

2. credibility


3. types of websites

3.1. personal homepage sites


3.2. special interest sites

3.2.1. often biased

3.2.2. sometimes even radical

3.3. proffessional sites-institutions, organizations, sometimes individual's

3.4. news and journalistic sites

3.4.1. electronic version of a publication

3.4.2. indiviual's articles, those with ISSN number are probably more credible

3.4.3. commercial sites- beware!

3.5. recognizing common domain names

3.5.1. .edu /ac

3.5.2. .gov

3.5.3. .com /.co

3.5.4. .net

3.5.5. .org