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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. Sexual teasing and joking is an everyday part of social interaction.

1.1. Sexuality in Brazil more concerned with the butt than the breasts.

1.2. People are very comfortable with their sexuality.

2. Glorias daughter and niece are mugged and raped.

2.1. They are more distraught over how strict Gloria becomes afterward than the original act.

3. Glorias neighbors were in an abusive relationship.

3.1. Wife attempted to poison husband but he survived.

3.2. Everyone found it very humorous that he died.

4. Police are feared and not trusted, thus most crimes such as rape go unreported.

5. The women put up a fight but eventually all they can do is just laugh at their circumstances.

5.1. Instead of painfully talking about things in full detail, subtle humor works better.

6. Gloria and neighbors complain about men and how they are poor providers and cheaters.

6.1. Infidelity regarded as normal male behavior.

6.2. Boys encouraged to become seductive.

7. Husbands and fathers try to protect the women in their lives.

7.1. Mostly because their own reputation is tied to them.

8. Black humor is the only response.

9. While men are encouraged to be animalistic, women are encouraged to maintain their virginity as long as they can, preferably until they are ready to have children.

10. Sexuality is encouraged and an open part of Brazilian culture.