Reading Arguments

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Reading Arguments by Mind Map: Reading Arguments

1. Scrutinizing Logical Arguments

1.1. Artistic arguments - How were the stats interpreted?

1.2. Who Published It?

2. Logical Arguments

2.1. Deductive Reasoning

2.2. Inductive Reasoning

2.3. Analogy

2.4. Precedent

2.5. Degrees

3. Emotional Arguments

3.1. How They Work:

3.1.1. Rouse Emotion

3.1.2. Move Audiences to Sympathize with Ideas

3.1.3. Build Bridges

3.1.4. Present Arguments in their Starkest Terms

3.2. Humor

3.2.1. Makes Otherwise Sober People Suspend Judgement and Prejudices

3.2.2. Testifies to a Kernel of Truth

3.2.3. Helps Deal with Sensitive Subjects

3.2.4. makes it easier to admit problems

3.2.5. targeted humor can be interpreted as ridicule

4. Credibility

4.1. Means of Authority

4.1.1. Credentials

4.1.2. Self-Assured Prose

4.1.3. Appeals to History

4.1.4. Appeals to Social Authority Bible Important Figures

4.2. Self Assured Prose

4.3. Humor

4.4. Connecting Your Beliefs to Core Values

4.5. Assuming Humility

4.6. Using Respectful Language

4.7. Concede Objections and Acknowledge Weaknesses