To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird by Mind Map: To Kill A Mockingbird

1. Boo Radley

1.1. Apparently attempted murder

1.2. Recluse

1.3. Lives with father; never been seen

1.4. One of the major plot arcs of the story is making him come out

2. Tom Robinson's trial

2.1. Racism

2.2. Denial of truth in favor of social acceptance

2.3. Tom Robinson dies

2.4. Deal breaker - Mayella's false testimony

2.4.1. Even though Atticus and Tom have secure evidence, word of mouth is taken over their logic

3. Atticus

3.1. Wife died after Jem and Scout were born

3.2. Loves to read

3.3. Mild-mannered

3.4. Best shot in town

3.5. Stronger than people care to think - gives worthy speech at the trial, presents compelling evidence, protects against the lynch mob

4. Jem and Scout

4.1. Naive until the trial

4.2. Know little about the town's racist and unforgiving norms

4.3. Are forced to grow up with their involvement in the trial

5. The Ewells

5.1. White trash

5.2. Highly approve of social norms

5.2.1. Trying to be as highly accepted as they can be

5.3. Mayella

5.3.1. Beaten by her father for kissing a black man; forced to cover the story up

5.3.2. Wimp

5.4. Bob

5.4.1. Killed by Boo Radley for attacking the Finch children

5.4.2. Looks down on Atticus

6. Maycomb

6.1. Sleepy country town; not in the center of current events

6.1.1. President mentioned?

6.2. Enough room for a close-knit community to have major tiffs

6.3. Home to many different families, each one a class of its own

6.4. Conformist to the last